August 4, 2012

It’s funny when you reach more than one goal without meaning to.  I sent some pictures of myself to my email last night, mostly of various flaws; nothing sexual.  There was one that was meant to be of my wattle and which also happened to show facial hair and acne scars.

The picture of my spider veins makes them look worse than they are; they don’t go all the way up my leg.  The red stuff that looks like veins above the things that are obviously veins has to be photo glare; my leg doesn’t look like that.  They’re still pretty bad, though, especially on that leg.

I figured that I should give myself a break and let myself have at least one picture in which I looked ok.  The text I sent with this picture started with my saying that it was as close as I could let the camera get in order to get a good picture.

My teeth look better than this.  How often do you have someone smiling that much in your face from a couple of inches away from you?

For people who don’t know why I tried to get a picture of my teeth; I explained a couple of years ago on the Internet that I’d had gum recession because of psychiatric medications that I’d taken in my twenties and during some of my thirties.  The conglomerate mercilessly tormented me about “the recession” for a long time, even after I explained why I’d had gum recession at all.


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August 4, 2012


I try to look the best that I can look.  When I have more money, I look better; most people do.


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