August 4, 2012

Yesterday evening, more than an hour before I left the Women’s Center, I wrote on my blog page “08/03/12:  Attempts at picture organization” that I had a curfew for the shelter where I’m staying and that I’d have to leave the Women’s Center at least 2 hours before it closed.  About an hour later, I left the Women’s Center and went to the T.

The train then did things that it hasn’t done during the year and counting that I’ve been in Boston.  It stopped for at least 10 minutes at the Kendall stop, with everyone on it.  Then it slowly drove into the next station and stayed much longer there than any of the trains usually stay at the stations.  Usually, people have to jump off any train to leave it and jump on it to go somewhere because it’s only in the station for a few seconds before the doors close and it’s on its way.

Whaddya think?  Was there an attempt on the T yesterday to make me miss my curfew for the shelter?


Copyright L. Kochman, August 4, 2012 @ 11:36 a.m.