August 6, 2012

The Department of Mental Health has a number of buildings; I was assigned to this one.

This is the part of the parking lot that people walk through so that they can get to the entrance where I have to go in order to talk to the woman from Homeless Outreach.  I’ve been through there more than once on other days.

The person  with the broom  was there when I got there. If I’m dirty and disgusting, why does anyone want to see me naked?  Because every second of what’s going on is dehumanizing, illogical abuse and destructive of human rights.

They added some numbers since I first wrote about the “145” in the past couple of weeks.

I’ve said before that I can’t make interpretations of everything that is in pictures that I publish; this time I’ll try so that I don’t get accused of supporting the conglomerate or of trying to interfere in  Zac Efron’s or anyone else’s love life.  Who knows if “Charlotte Pipes” is meant to be for or against the behavior of conglomerate celebrities such as Zac Efron and Taylor Swift?  My guess would be that what’s being implied by that entire display is “Lena is bad and deserves to be hurt and that’s what needs to happen so that Zac Efron and Taylor Swift can date,” or that was what was meant by it when it was done.

First thing after the front door.  The security desk is to the right of what’s shown in this picture.  What do you think would happen to me in a building like that if I tried to move a Wet Floor sign and said that it was inappropriate and sexual harassment?  What would happen to me in a Department of MENTAL HEALTH building if I tried to defend myself against being treated that way?  Most people who harass me every day as it is try to call me crazy when I object to their behavior; these people can do a lot more than that to me, and to any other DMH client who might try to object to the same behavior.

Blurry picture; this is some of what was on the other desk of the woman with Homeless Outreach there, that I described in my last blog page about it.  That desk doesn’t have anyone working at it, and I usually sit there when I have appointments with her.

You can see the hand sanitizer and the Rolodex “Petite” cards.  Then there was a 7-11 cup which had a lot of code on it that made me unhappy; it also had a red flower in it.   She had put all of it on the desk right in front of the chair.  She only left her office for a few minutes, so I didn’t take more pictures in her office than this one.

Here’s the parking lot again; I saw this on my way out:


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