August 7, 2012

On August 5th, when I walked into St. Francis House, a thin, white, male employee was at the scanner.  He was wearing a shirt that said “Rusty” on it.

The other things that have been around are still there; small caution cones on the scanner, Wet Floor signs where they shouldn’t be, other Caution cones, and things that I’ve described before.

What also seems to have been happening there is that Wet Floor signs get put out in the stairways after I get there, even if they weren’t there before.

As soon as I walk into the cafeteria, workers go out to wipe off tables, even if it’s an hour before the cafeteria is supposed to close.

When I went into one of the women’s restrooms, there was a dead cockroach on the floor.

Here’s a picture of it:

They have a mouse problem, too; I was in one of the hallways several weeks ago, and a mouse ran out and scurried under my bag where I had propped it against the wall.  I am ashamed to say that I yelped a few times;  I don’t tend to be afraid of mice, but I wasn’t expecting to see it.

Wouldn’t the time and effort of employees who have been harassing me at St. Francis House be better spent trying to deal with their cockroach and mouse problems rather than trying to imply that I’m dirty and a bad person?

More pictures from 08/06/12:

Here’s the “Closed For Cleaning” sign that I’ve said before is always there, and the Wet Floor sign in that men’s restroom which I’ve also mentioned before and which doesn’t cancel out the fact that what’s happening is about degrading women.  Even if the conglomerate’s agenda included degrading men as much as women, why do that?  The world didn’t have enough ugliness in it before?

This is by the exit:

These are from this morning.  I walked out of the door of the room that has the women’s program and into the hallway, and there was a Wet Floor sign out, and this man with a mop.

He followed me down the stairs with the mop, and put out another Wet Floor sign after he did that.

He even had a face mask; you can see it on his head.


The African American police officer at the front desk coughed at me several times when I walked in the front door this morning, another white, male employee started saying something about “Fresh” when I walked by after I’d been to the cafeteria, and the same white, male employee who’s been announcing his presence when he walks into the room that has the women’s program by saying “Comin’ in” did that this morning, too.  That was all before I took the last pictures that I’ve published on this page; that, and other coughing and so on from some guests, both male and female.

Copyright L. Kochman, August 7, 2012 @ 4:29 p.m./addition @ 4:32 p.m.