August 8th, 2012

You’re not supposed to break anonymity for recovery programs; however, I want to make sure that I don’t get kicked out of the meeting that I’ve been going to, and since I’ve been abused by some people there and got stalked by one of the other members this afternoon, I am making an exception and hoping that has a good effect.

Al-Anon meetings are not AA meetings. Al-Anon meetings are recovery meetings for people whose lives have been affected by alcoholism that other people have.   I go to Al-Anon meetings.  If there have been times when I’ve gone to AA meetings, it was because they’re still recovery meetings and the people in the ones that I went to said “It’s ok that you’re from Al-Anon” when I asked them if it was ok for me to be at the meeting.

This afternoon, a few people in the meeting did abusive things; some nose –rubbing and a few other things.  For the most part, it hasn’t been too bad that way.

I do want to mention that I have noticed that whoever is making decisions for the entire organization of Al-Anon has been conglomerate-supportive.  I protest that; I think it’s bad.

A man walked into the meeting today a few minutes before it ended.  Before he walked in the door, he paused in the hallway to give several loud, harassing coughs.

He also coughed a bunch of times after the meeting; I said “Stop doing that!” and he kept doing it.  Then I called him a lowlife.

It’s not good to call someone a lowlife, but I only have so much patience.  I’ve been stalked all day.  There are also stalking vehicles parked outside the building where the meeting happens, every day.  There’s also something on the bulletin board of that church in the Entrance that starts with “LC,” and has the 7th as the date for whatever’s happening, probably because I have previously written about the support that the church has shown for child molestation and other things on the conglomerate’s agenda.  Maybe the people who go to that church should ask themselves and the people who run the church if there are cameras in the bathrooms.

The meeting isn’t affiliated with the church; it rents the meeting room from the church.

Before the guy got there, I had talked in the meeting about how I am constantly being reminded of situations that I don’t want to be reminded of, and even though I am an adult who has the life experience to know when a situation is bad and something that I need to stay away from, I am not only reminded of it all the time, I get stalked and threatened about it and I feel that I need to try to address that in the hopes that SOMEDAY the stalking and threats might stop.  Hopefully, everything else that those people do or cause or encourage that has been happening will stop, too.

Not one person stepped in to stop the guy from coughing at me.  In fact, when I called him a low life, someone said “Ooh,” as if I had said something REALLY bad.  He kept coughing at me, and then he walked out of the room.  A woman who has shown support for child molestation and who has harassed me a lot followed him.  He walked back into the room a few minutes later, while I was leaving.  My guess is that the two of them tried to get me kicked out of the meeting, “She’s inappropriate,” and more of those absolute lies.  Who could be appropriate all of the time while being treated the way that I’m being treated.  It’s a RECOVERY meeting; what are people doing abusing someone during a recovery meeting? 

THEN, many blocks away, while I was about to walk into the Boston Public Library, I heard coughing.  I turned around; it was him!  He had followed me.  I said “You FOLLOWED me here!”  He said “I didn’t,” and kept coughing at me.  I said “You absolutely did!”  I yelled this; I said “STAY AWAY FROM ME!” 

I went into the building and walked up to the first security guard that I saw.  I said “A man followed me here.”  He said “Show me who it is.”  We went to the front entrance; the guy who had been harassing me had left and was walking away; he was already on the other side of the street.

The security guard said; “If he shows up here, we’ll call the police.  Go into the library.”

That was helpful, and I thanked him.

Then I walked to the restroom on the first floor; there was another male security guard there, in front of the sign that said “RESTROOMS CLOSED FOR CLEANING; TAKE THE ELEVATOR TO THE 2ND FLOOR.”

I’m telling you that they put that sign out when they saw me approaching the building!

What’s next, President Obama?  Separate drinking fountains for men and women?  Separate entrances?  Separate sections of the library, separate sections of all buildings, separate and NOT EVEN A PRETENSE that it’s equal, NOT EVEN A PRETENSE!   It’s not as if you or anyone else in the conglomerate is pretending now.

I got into the elevator.  There was an older man there.  He rubbed his nose.  I said “Stop doing that.”  He did it some more.  I said, more loudly, “STOP DOING THAT!”  He said “I’m just rubbing my nose.”  I’d had it; I had so had it.  I said “The fuck you are.”  He gave me the Italian hand gesture for “Fuck You,” running his hand under his chin, and looking very proud of himself.   The elevator stopped at the 2nd floor and I said “What a gentleman you are; what’s the deal, you get a chance to harass a woman who’s 30 years younger than you are?  Stay away from me, you dirty old man.”

When I left the restroom, there was a young guy in the next room, holding his camera up as if he were taking a picture of the ceiling in the opposite corner.  He was wearing a pink shirt that said “PARIS” on it.  I walked up to him and said “Stay away from me and DON’T take my picture or I will slap you silly.”  That was all I could think to say in the moment. 

That, and some coughing every few minutes since I walked into the computer room, is everything that’s happened to far at and just before I got to the library this afternoon.   The Al-Anon meeting was over at 1:00 p.m.; I got stalked by vehicles the entire way here, and harassed by a couple of other people on the street. 

Copyright L. Kochman, August 8th, 2012 @ 1:51 p.m.