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Spacecraft Morpheus explodes

  During a test at the Kennedy Space Center, NASA said the Morpheus lander experienced a hardware component failure. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

Nightly News

Romney: I want a VP with ‘vision for the country’

  NBC’s Chuck Todd spoke exclusively with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who said he seeks ‘strength of character’ in a VP running mate.

Nightly News

China murder trial ends without verdict

  China’s most politically explosive trial rapped in a matter of hours when Gu Kailai, the wife of Chinese politician Bo Xilai, did not object to murder charges against her. ITV’s Angus Walker reports.

Tweets from NBC correspondents

  1. tvkatesnowtvkatesnow Loved it RT @NextMusicShow: My kids just watched The Goonies for the first time. Big hit. #ChunkLoveSloth10:38am on 8/10/2012
  2. nbcnightlynewsnbcnightlynews Department of Justice drops Goldman Sachs financial crisis probe http://t.co/ztXk3tSN10:33am on 8/10/2012
  3. davidgregorydavidgregory Interesting @WashingtonPost piece on Tim Pawlenty and how important VP nod is for him http://t.co/j5VYLwIJ He’s my guest this Sunday on #MTP10:00am on 8/10/2012
  4. SavannahGuthrieSavannahGuthrie You’re so right RT @nikkilatosh: @SavannahGuthrie and @JennaBushHager luv u ladies but please leave the dougie to Dougie Fresh9:46am on 8/10/2012
  5. SavannahGuthrieSavannahGuthrie We have gone to punchy-town RT @bryanbeaty: @NMoralesNBC @SavannahGuthrie you guys are crazy today! Love it!9:45am on 8/10/2012
  6. kevtibskevtibs NHL hockey on verge of being frozen out until new year http://t.co/CCcMFJpz9:40am on 8/10/2012
  7. chucktoddchucktodd Ding ding ding. #ff RT @jeffperson: @dailyrundown @chucktodd 29:35am on 8/10/2012
  8. nbcnightlynewsnbcnightlynews 3 U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan http://t.co/enVyMtiJ9:11am on 8/10/2012
  9. chucktoddchucktodd In the seat for #morningjoe, will talk @JoeNBC and @morningmika off their Christie VP obsession8:20am on 8/10/2012
  10. NMoralesNBCNMoralesNBC happy birthday Tom few days early! “@Tomhillen: Hey Its my #birthday Sunday! Best gift ever a birthday wish from London!!”8:13am on 8/10/2012
  11. SavannahGuthrieSavannahGuthrie We’ll be making quite an entrance this morning on @todayshow #norehearsals #lightacandle6:46am on 8/10/2012
  12. RonMottNBCRonMottNBC If u run retail biz and someone sends u order (or expresses interest), get back to ’em RIGHT AWAY! If not, close ur doors. #learntheropes11:43pm on 8/9/2012
  13. RonMottNBCRonMottNBC Wow! @DwightHoward to the #Lakers might make me a fan of the #NBA again…if true. My fave big man since Kareem!10:19pm on 8/9/2012
  14. mitchellreportsmitchellreports @chucktodd yikes glad u got out -remember that report this week about amtrak meals? Nuff said8:37pm on 8/9/2012
  15. chucktoddchucktodd @mitchellreports I was on the “4”. We landed at just before 88:19pm on 8/9/2012
  16. chucktoddchucktodd Great idea RT @JantzBlues: @chucktodd I do that all the time at Logan. Finally started taking a photo of the location markers.8:14pm on 8/9/2012
  17. mitchellreportsmitchellreports @chucktodd #half what flight got out? All delta cancelled and train wx delayed too #wishidtriedUSAir?8:13pm on 8/9/2012
  18. chucktoddchucktodd So second time this week, I’ve gone to the right row of the airport parking garage but the wrong floor. Only #half losing it?8:04pm on 8/9/2012