August 10, 2012

Here are some quotes from the blog post for the first search result from the first page of Yahoo search results for Barack Obama @ 5:14 p.m., called

Analysis: Obama presidency great for stocks. Will …  “

I just noticed something, and I’m going to talk about that first before I give the quotes from that article.

Either President Obama is hitting on Prince William, or he’s rewarding Emma Watson for the fact that she hit on Prince William with one of her search results.

Here are the quotes.  I put some of it in bold print:


“That rally might be just enough to get Obama re-elected, making him the first sitting president in the post-war era to win a second term with a jobless rate higher than 7.2 percent.

Even though business and corporate sentiment is not good for Obama because they don’t think he’s been good for the economy, the fact that the market has done very well under him is a positive,” said Ethan Siegal, head of The Washington Exchange, which analyzes politics for institutional investors.””


“Conventional wisdom has it that a stock market rally is good news for a sitting president, and it often has been. But not all rallies are the same, and the lack of a concurrent boost in home values, along with the weak job market, may mean the gains over the last three years don’t have the same benefit for Obama.

Tom Wales, director of North America analysis at Oxford Analytica, noted that most Americans who hold stocks do so in their 401(K) retirement accounts, and “if you’re worried about your job, about your mortgage being underwater, then the fact that your 401(K) looks less bare is not that reassuring.””


While record-low interest rates and cheap financing from the Federal Reserve have helped push up stocks, they have done little to ease the blow of a housing collapse or encourage firms to go on a hiring spree. The jobless rate last month stood at 8.3 percent, exactly where it was just after Obama took office.


August 10, 2012

Am I wrong that the article is saying that most people who do have stocks have them because they were in their retirement accounts, even before President Obama got elected?

Could it be that the reason that the market has done better is that people have been more careful with their investments over the past few years?

Also; am I wrong that the stock market is doing better because the government has been directly helping it to do better in the short term?  What is “cheap financing from the Federal Reserve?”  Does that have anything to do with the question for which I’m going to put the Yahoo search results on the next page?


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