August 10, 2012

The payment was made days ago and I used my phone without interruption until this afternoon.

I talked to two customer service representatives and heard a variety of things from both of them.

It seems to me that what happened is that the payment was made to and accepted by Verizon, and that all of a sudden this afternoon it was removed from my account.

The problem seems to have been solved; the $50.00 has been returned to my account.  $10.00 has also been added to the account by Verizon.

The 99 cents/per day charge for Internet access which had replaced what was written in the icon for the web on my phone screen is also now gone; it’s back to what it was.

I’ve now logged onto the Internet from the phone; that’s working.

No; now maybe it’s not working.  I logged onto it, then I logged out.  Then I went back to that screen, and even though the icon looks the same as it did when I got the phone, there was a message under it that said “Surf the Web for 24 hours for 99 (cents).”  That had replaced some other message about something for $2.99.

Now the message says “Signup for My Verizon on the Web at VZW. com/myverizon.”

Did I just pay another dollar to log onto the Web without realizing it, because the actual icon was back to normal but there was the “99 cents” message under it that only half-shows when I scroll to the screen that has the Web icon?

While I was talking to one of the customer service representatives, he asked me to look at the “MEID number” that’s on the phone behind the battery.  I hadn’t taken the battery out of the phone before then.  Here’s what that entire line says:

“MEID HEX:  A0000031C143B6.”

The other lines there say:



S/N:  203CYXM1090034


H/W REV:  1.1”

I got to the Women’s Center at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon.  Everything that I’ve done since then has been about Verizon.

Now the message in that same place says “Get unlimited text messaging.”  I’m already supposed to have unlimited text messaging, or so I thought.

I admit that every so often I like to end a page with a flourish.  I’m not going to end this page with the most polite flourish that I’ve ever written, but it made me laugh when I thought of it and I also mean it, so here it is:

Here’s the message to which I would like to have the equivalent everywhere on my phone at all times:

“Verizon isn’t going to f— with you anymore.”

Copyright L. Kochman, August 10, 2012 @ 3:53 p.m./edited @ 3:55 p.m.