This guy was across the street after the truck went by:

This was the store that he was in front of when I saw him:

I realized that I was on my way to the Women’s Center and hadn’t bought food.   The quickest way to get to the next 7-11 was to walk on Green Street, which is next to where the last picture here was taken.

I’ve said before that I need to be able to go where I can get food, that I can’t worry about the names of those places, and also that I can’t worry about the names of streets that I traverse or I will never get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time.   

There has been no time since I started going to the Women’s Center over the past year that there haven’t been conglomerate-supportive projects happening on Green Street :

At the 7-11:

This employee of that 7-11 has coughed at me many times over the months that I’ve been going to that store.  I’ve told her to stop.  I’ve even written about it before.

Today, she kept coughing at me.  I told her to stop.  She said “I can’t help it if I have to cough.”  I said “You’ve been rude to me several times before, and I’ve talked to you about it before.” She said “What am I supposed to do, suffocate?”

I took out my phone and took her picture.  She said “Don’t take my picture or I’ll call the police.”  I said “OK.  I won’t take your picture again.”

When I left the store, this car was the first car parked next to it:

When I was about to get to the Women’s Center, I saw another firetruck at the end of the next block.


Copyright L. Kochman, August 11, 2012 @ 4:33 p.m.