This woman rubbed her nose at me:

This man coughed at me:

This man was many yards away from me when he started loudly.  He rubbed his nose profusely with a handkerchief while he walked.  While he was going by me, he put a finger to the side of his nose and expelled snot from the other nostril onto the street in an exaggerated way.

Expelling snot from your nose that way is a helpful thing to be able to do, especially if you’re doing something like running or another activity in which you might not be carrying a tissue with you and are also not around other people or trying to offend them.  However, this man both had a handkerchief and was harassing me with his behavior.

In front of Church Park:

DeWalt truck parked in front of Church Park:

At the corner of Newbury Street and Massachusetts Avenue:

I went to a side street to send the pictures.

First a police car with license plate 5646 and sirens and lights went by.  My phone was sending a picture so I didn’t get one of that.  Then 2 firetrucks went by, also with lights and sirens.

The first picture is of the first truck, and the second and third ones are of the second truck.  I don’t know if there’s a way to tell that they’re not the same truck; my phone was still sending a message when I heard and saw them and I didn’t get a picture of them together.  They were one right after the other.


That’s a Komatsu vehicle.

At the next project site across the street from MIT:

This man rubbed his nose at me.  He and the woman had a child with them who was either a toddler or not much older than a toddler.

This “Jack’s Jacks” truck was parked next to the sidewalk were I was walking; like all of the stalking vehicles that park, it was waiting for me.  The two men must have driven around and followed me until they were sure where they could park to be there when I walked by.  That has to be what has happened whenever there’s a truck parked like that.

This firetruck, Engine #2,  drove by me in Cambridge.

A few blocks later, this firetruck, Engine # 6, drove by me.  It appeared from another street and drove past a stalking truck that was waiting for me at a corner. Then the truck drove past me.

This machine was on the back of the truck:


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