August 13, 2012

You lied about what happened with “Making A Difference,” and you know it.  Everyone else who was around when it happened knows it, too.

I can’t take the time to republish all of those pages every day; I am BEING STALKED ALL THE TIME!

I have noticed that when I go a few days without republishing those pages, your abuse of me gets worse and other people in the visible conglomerate start incorporating the phrase “to make a difference” in what they say.

It is all not only unfair, it is also dangerous.  I never have enough time even to take pictures of everyone and everything that stalks and harasses me, and I never have enough time to publish the pictures that I do that.

It’s been weeks that I can’t use the “Copy a Post” function on my blog, which I’m sure that whoever disabled that function knew would make it more difficult for me to reprint the pages about your fraud every day without having it take up a lot more of my already limited time on the Internet.
Do I need to remind you that the conglomerate has pretended that everything that it’s doing, including its attacks on me, are a result of the conglomerate’s superior morality?  It has called me a liar and a con artist for YEARS.

Please tell the truth about what happened, and please stop harassing me.



Copyright L. Kochman, August 13, 2012 @ 11:16 a.m.