August 14, 2012

More pictures from Waltham and then from Newton Corner:.  How I got to Newton Corner is explained on this page.

A guy across the street coughed at me a few minutes ago, an R.C. Moore semi drove by on the next cross street, and then I turned around and saw this guy.

Another cab that showed up across the street.  I don’t know what the number on the other one is; I can’t see it from the way that it shows up on this computer, and it might not be a good picture.

Signs on the bus before the bus that I took:

This is a picture that I took of the pavement outside the bus that I finally got on.  I took the picture so that I could send notes to my e-mail about what had happened.

Here are all of the notes that I sent with it:

The 1st thing that I asked the bus driver was ‘Are you going back to Boston?’  He said ‘Yes.’  I took out the travel pass for which I paid $18 yesterday and about which I had asked at the train station ‘Does this work for the bus to Waltham?’ and was told ‘Yes.’  I took 1 bus to get to Waltham last night, and I had been given directions for it by the person who screened me for the shelter yesterday morning, so it can’t be unusual that there’s one bus to get here.  Last night I also asked the bus driver where to go to get back to Boston and he told me where the main bus stop was.  The 1st bus driver that I talked to this morning, more than an hour ago, said that my pass wouldn’t work for the direct bus to Boston and that I could take the 555, the 554 or the 553.  I’m on one of those now.  The driver of this bus told me that my pass wouldn’t work to get to Boston and that I’d have to pay the  $4.50 fare.  I told him that I had taken one bus to get to Waltham last night and that I had also asked at the train station when I bought the pass if it was valid to get to places like Waltham and had been told ‘Yes.’ He told me that the bus last night must have been a mistake and that I had been misinformed at the train station when I bought my pass yesterday.  Somewhere in the midst of telling me this, he rubbed his nose.  I said ‘Are you telling me that there’s no way for me to get to Boston with this pass?’  He said ‘This bus will take you to Newton Corner and then you can take the 57 to Boston.’

Here’s what I didn’t write with the captions:

At least it was a way to get to Boston; I said “Why didn’t you tell me that before?”  He said “You didn’t ask.”  I said “The first thing that I said when I got on this bus was “Can I get to Boston on this bus?””

No matter what, whether there is or is not usually a bus going directly to Boston from Waltham every morning or if it’s always been so that people have first to go to Newton Corner and then to take another bus to Boston, that man lied to me during our conversation and he was also overtly rude.

Cabs across from the bus stop at Newton Corner.  A truck that said “Boston Bark” went by while I was taking the first one:

Then a line of 3 UPS trucks drove past me:

A 4th UPS truck went by a few minutes after the 3 that were in a line did.  I didn’t get a picture of it; I was already sending pictures.

The 57 bus:

The bus that drove up behind it:

‘Jim’s Clean-Up’ truck:

Here’s the bus that drove up and parked almost in front of me and stayed there for several minutes, with a ‘Little Sprouts Part-time Pop Star’ ad:

I heard the helicopter while I was taking that picture.  Then I took a picture of the helicopter:

There are now 5 Veterans Taxis parked across the street behind some of the other taxis, in front of the Colliers sign:

This car drove up and parked in front of me for a few minutes.  You can see it in the last picture.  There was an older, male, Asian driver.  There was also a FEDEX truck at the corner with the taxis for a few minutes and then an ARS car drove by me.  There’s been other stuff going on: I’ve either been taking pictures or sending them.  I can’t get pictures of everything that happens.

(An ARS truck also drove by me later this afternoon, after I had sent these pictures to my e-mail.  I did get a picture of that but I don’t know if I’ll have time to publish it today.).

This car, whose license plate is in this picture, didn’t seem to be from a business.

This “DYE-RITE Carpet Systems of New England” van drove up and parked across the street.

After I took that picture, I went across the street and took other pictures of it.  After I’d taken a couple of pictures of the van, the driver got out and said “Can I ask you why you’re taking pictures?”  I didn’t answer him; I walked back to the bus stop.

He had his phone out when he asked me why I was taking pictures; he had his phone out from the second that he got out of the vehicle.  Do you think that maybe he wanted me to argue with him so that he could call his boss or the police and tell whomever he was planning to call that I was crazy?

The DYE-RITE van drove after the bus when I got on the bus and the bus left.  I didn’t get a picture of that; I was sending other pictures.  I saw it go by on the left side of the bus, where I was sitting by the window.  It went off to the left, and that was the last that I saw of it.

I took all of the pictures from Newton Corner while I was waiting for the bus to Boston.

I sent the last picture of the DYE-RITE van to my phone at 10:15 a.m., according to my e-mail account.

More happened today that I did take pictures of and sent to my e-mail.  However, I think that I only have time to publish one more picture today, and I’ll put it on the next page.


Copyright L. Kochman, August 14, 2012 @ 4:45 p.m.