August 15, 2012

The Park Street train station is central to a lot of things in Boston.  Not only does it have a lot of things around it and near it, like the Public Gardens, the State House, main streets, Chinatown and shopping and theaters, it is a transfer station for the Red Line and the Green Line on the T.

It is around the corner from St. Francis House, and across the street from where I tend to be in the middle of the day during the week.

I’ve also said before that I can’t worry about the names and locations of things such as streets and other places where I have to go; I would never be able to go anywhere in a reasonable amount of time if I did that, and all of the places and things that I mentioned in the first paragraph of this page were created and named before the conglomerate happened.

When I got to the Park Street train station this morning, this man was outside of the compartment of the train that I had been on:

This part of the floor has been like this for days:

This is also from this morning.  The Caution pole says “DEC” on it:

Here’s a question about the conglomerate and its supporters:  why am I treated as if I’m dangerous for saying anything about the times when the conglomerate’s behavior and the way that I’m treated because of it have made me feel suicidal, while the conglomerate encourages people to hit me on behalf of Emma Watson’s interest in dating Zac Efron?  The encouragement of my being hit for that has been going on for months, during which time both of them have dated several other people, while also both publicly flirting with people whom they weren’t dating, some of whom were single and some of whom weren’t.

There’s no mistaking it when they’re flirting with people; there’s  no mistaking that for any of the conglomerate celebrities.  They flirt all the time; when they’re asleep, their blogs continue to flirt for them.

Here’s a picture of a set of stairs blocked off at the station.  That’s at the entrance/exit:

Here are pictures from the Park Street station this afternoon:

This has been like this for days.  They’re not even trying to fix it.  It’s not as if they don’t know that what’s broken and causing the water to be there is broken; isn’t that a camera above it?


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