August 16, 2012

There are a lot of books at the Women’s Center, which was a place that was created to be helpful and supportive rather than oppressive and exploitative.

Today, I found a book here called “The Kid’s Guide to Social Action.”

It’s an edition from 1998; however, even though it’s not a recently published book, it or other books and resources like it might be helpful to children and teenagers who are being molested, who know people who are being molested, or who just want to do something about what’s going on and haven’t known how to start doing something about it.

Here are some quotes from the book’s cover:


“–Step-by-step guides to social action Power Skills:  letter-writing, faxing, emailing, Internet research, interviewing, speechmaking, surveying, fundraising, getting and handling media coverage, and more.

–Ideas for working with government, including tips for lobbying local, state and federal lawmakers, and for using your social action skills with the courts.

–Real social action tools, ready to copy and use, including petitions, proclamations, letters and news releases.

–An up-to-date resource guide with addresses, phone numbers, and Web sites for other social action groups, federal and state government offices, and awards and recognitions for kids.”


August 16, 2012

Kids who go to the library or online to look for resources to organize should be wary both of conglomerate-supportive and conglomerate-supported sites and of predators.

They should also be aware, how can they not be, that many of the groups with whom they will eventually be interacting are conglomerate groups, conglomerate-supportive groups, or groups that are going through fighting amongst themselves about the issues.  To those people, in the media and government especially, kids who organize against what’s going on will be presenting their perspective on what’s happening, which I think is a key factor that’s been absent in the conglomerate’s portrayal of what the conglomerate wants to do.

They should also be aware that protesting can be a dangerous activity that is much disliked by people who like what the protesters are protesting, and that they may get threatening or at least disapproving reactions from people around them who are part of the conglomerate or who support the conglomerate.

They should also be aware that the conglomerate will try to counteract everything that I’m saying on this page by doing stories about children and teenagers who have been corrupted or who have no idea how bad what’s happening is.  Those stories will show those kids doing and saying things in conglomerate code in support of the conglomerate’s agenda.  That will be frustrating and infuriating.

I want to say something intelligent and helpful, something about “people can be both good and bad, and that’s discouraging; don’t give up and keep trying.”  I also have the thought to say something like “When you’re really frustrated and infuriated, try sarcasm; I find it makes me feel better when I feel frustrated and infuriated.”  However, I think that I should leave the page where it is for now before I give advice that it’s better to remind myself of rather than to give to other people or say something sarcastic that I could spend the rest of my life regretting because either it proves to be unhelpful or I contribute to a future nation of people who never stop being sarcastic.


Copyright L. Kochman, August 16, 2012 @ 2:46 p.m.