August 16, 2012

A lot happened this morning, and the pictures from the bus are only a few of the ones that I took.

I don’t have a lot of time to write now, but I did want to publish these this morning.

Most of the captions are going to be ones that I sent with the pictures.  Some of them will be what I wrote now.  If there are tense changes, that’s why; I think that at this moment the pictures are more important than grammar.

This guy on the bus rubbed his nose at me.  I took his picture and he did it again.  I said ‘Do it again and I’ll take your picture again.’

This man’s hat says ‘9’ on it.  He was on the same bus as I was from Central Square to Waltham the other night, and he got on this bus after I did this morning

This truck went by me while I was waiting for the bus.  Then it drove out from a side street and drove by the bus after the bus had been driving for a while:

Blocked road and a ’30 Pack Bud Light $19.99′ sign at Ricci’s Liquors:

This “$2.99” Dunkin’ Donuts billboard was the next thing that I saw after I took the last picture.  I saw another of these billboards soon after that and didn’t get a picture:

This woman coughed at me a lot as soon as I got on the bus.  She kept doing it until I went up to her and said “Are you the one coughing?”  She said “Yes,” and I took her picture.  At least she was honest, and she stopped after I took her picture.

This truck drove up to the corner of a side street when the bus got to that intersection.  It had to have been stalking the bus to be able to do that:

Here’s another situation that I took a picture of from the window of the bus.

It’s not as if the people who created the situation didn’t know the route of the bus that I’ll be taking every day while I’m staying at the shelter in Waltham.

Vehicle that drove by the bus, next to the side that I was on:

This was the second person whom I saw who had a broom and was sweeping outside when the bus went by.  Either they hear from other people which bus I’ve taken or they go out and sweep every time they see that the bus is about to go by:

I heard more coughing from behind me while I was on the bus.  I wasn’t sure who was doing it.  I looked back and saw that the guy with the hat that had a “9” on it was about to take his hand away from his mouth; he looked as if he had been coughing, and, since I had just heard coughing, I went up to him and asked him if he were the one doing it.  He said “No.”  I said “Good, because I saw you on the bus the other night, I saw you get on this bus after I got on it this morning, and I already have your picture.  Leave me alone.”

Then I went back to my seat.

Unfortunately, a man who had gotten on the bus some time before that, who had coughed when he walked by me, sat two seats behind me and then kept coughing until I’d turned around and said “Stop that,” and then, when he’d kept doing it, “Stop that; I’m not going to tell you again,” coughed at me again after I’d confronted the man in the hat.  When I turned around, the man two seats behind me conspicuously wiped his nose.

I thought that I took a picture of him, but maybe I didn’t get it, or I did get it and accidentally erased it.  I’m not happy with myself about that; however, when a person has been MISERABLY AND SICKENINGLY ABUSED for years, her ability to get everything right all the time is even less than most people’s ability to get everything right all the time; nobody ever gets anything right all the time, anyway.


Copyright L. Kochman, August 16, 2012 @ 11:51 a.m.