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  1. April 2008–> Women are socially rewarded at work for being nice; punished … there’s anger. Women who get angry at work tend to be pegged as “angry people”, while men are ……/women_are_social_rewarded_at_w.html – Cached

  2. [Oct 6, 2008] Best Answer: Men are typically encouraged to be aggressive. If a woman is aggressive, she is punished. Men get ‘atta boys’ for it, but women get called … ~ by PeterPau… ( 8 comments ) – Cached

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  3. Women Penalised for being ‘Angry’ but Men Rewarded for Same Trait …It’s Enough to … evidence that we see angry men and women very differently. Men expressing anger… – Cached

  4. The one exception to this seems to be that men are allowed and even rewarded for displaying angerAnger Management and the difference between men and women– Part ……men-and-women… – Cached

  5. Gabby, Dominique, Barbara and Black women‘s rarely rewarded quest for the … I doubt that our soccer stars (the women‘s team — the American men are not at that …… – Cached

  6. ‘Olympic boxing officials punished after night of shame’ on … The focus should be turning to women boxers competing at … Meretnyyazov failed to stop a men’s bantamweight bout …… – Cached
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  7. [Jul 17, 2006] Why are men punished when they divorce a woman with children and the woman is rewarded? … everything a man owns simply because women … ~ by joker ( 12 comments ) – Cached
  8. Teenage girl, who ‘robbed boys at knifepoint’ is rewarded with RIDING LESSONS … Mad Men co-stars Christina Hendricks … Abusive parents ‘punished children by ……
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  9. Women who express anger at work are seen as “out of control,” expert says. … In three studies, 463 men and women between 18 and 70 years old watched video of …… – Cached

  10. … by female anger, men fold … was called “Why men are the way they are .” It talked about how boys are rewarded for achievement by girls … that you get punished…by-female-angermen-fold.html – Cached

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