Ashton Kutcher sizzles on this week’s grilling cover

May 21, 2010 | | 1 Comment | in Movies

E100_052310.pdfAshton Kutcher’s a busy guy, running his production company, Twittering from all over the globe, and fitting in an acting gig every now and then. But the guy likes to barbecue, too, and he stars on our annual summer grilling cover this weekend. He gave us some of his own tips and what he prefers to throw on the grates, and also talked a little about his new action comedy Killers, in theaters June 4. (Check out a clip below.) He stars as an international super-spy living among the white picket fence crowd with his unknowing wife, played by Katherine Heigl. “I’ve always wanted to play a character that got to carry a gun,” Kutcher says. “My character’s kind of like Bond in the suburbs. Who wouldn’t want to play a super-spy? It’s just fun.” One of his favorite action scenes is a vehicle battle in a dirt parking lot, where Kutcher’s driving a Ford F-150 truck and the other dude’s in a Camaro. “It just kicks ass because I actually did a lot of the driving for it,” Kutcher reports. “I was in the car doing all the things you’re not allowed to do in a car. And I grew up out in the country, so we’d go on the gravel roads and practice doing all the maneuvers that I was doing in the movie. Except I wasn’t really shooting the gun out of the window while I was doing it.”