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  1. [Aug 8, 2007] A Yale University study shows when men get angry at work they may be admired, but women are likely to be seen as “out of control.” The study’s author …

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  2. … refer to womens anger … for women. Some of them that discuss it, such as Seneca, considered women to be more prone to anger than men. … condemned the anger that had …

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  3. Kenyan women’s anger at MP ‘slur’ … Kenyan women’s rights activists have condemned an MP who told parliament … the way it is, it will prevent men from courting women – Cached
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  4. “One of [the] childish things adult men must put away is the need to deflect, belittle, or exaggerate women’s anger.” … from their own perspective is actively condemned…what-the-twitter…menwomen-and-angerCached

  5. [Aug 2, 2007] Is there really a fiery hell where the souls of condemned men, women and children … be weeping and gnashing of teeth, indicating intense grief and anger … ~ by Sara ( 35 comments ) – Cached

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  6. … will be condemned. I sense in many men the fear that their womenwomen’s crimes against men, for no … by women, and the inevitable feelings of anger and rage. Men cannot … – Cached

  7. Men condemned to death (with some exceptions) must be held at San Quentin, while condemned women are held at Central California … Metallica filmed the St. Anger music … – Cached
  8. … die for what they believe in, women may be condemned for waging a bloodless and humane revolution for their ownrights. The direct expression of anger, especially at men… – Cached
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  9. Condemned 2: Achievement Name: Description: Pts: Anger Management: Complete 10 emotional responses … Top 99 Women 2002; TOP 49 MEN; Top 49 Men 2007; Top 49 Men 2006; SPECIAL ……/Condemned-2…/news-3-1.html – Cached

  10. Kenyan women’s rights activists have condemned parliament for watering … the way it is, it will prevent men from courting women … Kenyan women’s anger at MP ‘slur – Cached

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