August 18, 2012

Are there people who are part of the conglomerate or who support the conglomerate who think that there aren’t kids who are being sexually abused as punishment by parents and other authority figures? Do those people think that those kids aren’t being yelled at, hit and told to take off their pants or get on their knees whenever those authority figures get angry, whereas before the conglomerate started to endorse child molestation those same kids would only have been yelled at, hit or abused in some other way? I say that those same kids would “only” have been yelled at, hit or abused in some other way not to say that those aren’t serious forms of abuse but to explain that sexual abuse has been added to other forms of abuse as a result of the conglomerate’s behavior.

What do people who are thinking that way think that the world is made of? Do they think that because, in their own fantasies of having sex with children, they are gentle and positive while introducing children to sex and having sexual relationships with them that everyone or even most people who want to molest children are going to be that way or have been that way, or that even those fantasies aren’t fantasies about rape and are not exploitative, no matter how gentle and positive the people with those fantasies want to believe that they are?

All anyone who thinks that child molestation is a good idea has to do to rid him or herself of that fallacy is to read about the experiences of people to whom it has happened.  The vast majority of people who are survivors of child molestation will say that it was extremely damaging to them, and that they have experienced many problems as adults because of it.


Copyright L. Kochman, August 18, 2012 @ 12:58 p.m.