August 18, 2012

At the place where I’m staying there’s a hallway between the kitchen and the TV room.  I haven’t been in the TV room for more than a few minutes at a time since I’ve been staying at that shelter.  However, the TV can be heard from other rooms around it and for someone who’s in the kitchen it tends to be visible.

The other night, I happened to see some of an episode of the TV show “Two And A Half Men.”  A blonde, American woman and a brunette, English woman were arguing.  Suddenly, there was thunder.  Everyone in the room ran to the door, where there was then discussion of a huge rainstorm and a “sinkhole.”

I’m not fighting with anyone over Zac Efron.  I’m stating my right not to be abjectly abused, especially by people who are, and who have been for a long time, publicly and blatantly hypocritical about exactly the things that they accuse me of and of which they are far guiltier than I am.

Also; I don’t know how many years it had been that my parents had had a subscription to the Burlington Free Press before I was living with them in 2010.  After I had been interacting online with some people in the entertainment and media industries for a while, showing up on the cover of USA Weekend, which is the Sunday supplement that goes with the Burlington Free Press, started to be a way that people from those industries began to try to get my attention for one reason or another.

In May of 2010, Ashton Kutcher was on the cover of USA Weekend.  He was still married to Demi Moore then.

At no time had I ever given him any encouragement whatsoever to pursue me, and at no time since have I given him any encouragement for it.

Nobody in what was then the still-forming conglomerate that had been sexually harassing me for months called him any dirty names for what he did.

Nobody in that crowd suggested that he was promiscuous, dishonest, or untrustworthy.

Nobody said anything negative about him at all in regard to that incident.

I don’t know if he had harassed me before them, with his blog posts and so on; I do know that he did after that, along with everyone else who abused me and said nothing whatsoever about the fact that he had made a public declaration of being interested in leaving his wife for me.

He and Demi Moore were code for Zac Efron and me for a while before then, and have been since that summer, because I’m older than Zac Efron.

On the show the other night, the thunder, the rainstorm and the sinkhole were used as metaphors for women who were doing nothing more than arguing; they weren’t even being sexual in any way, with anyone, at the time.

The conglomerate’s promotion of degrading metaphors that are based on female gender aren’t just about specifically sexual degradation; they are about oppressing women in every way.  Other degrading things, such as the coughing, sneezing and nose-rubbing, have all been used against me at times when I’ve said things that other people didn’t like; I know that other women have had that experience, also, because I’ve seen and heard it happen.  Those metaphors and behaviors are tactics for silencing and for censuring people.

I’ve said before that there is nothing about the conglomerate’s treatment of women which is not degrading to them and which does not seek to make their status in society permanently inferior to that of men’s; that is what’s going on, and that’s what’s been going since the conglomerate began.

I’m not saying that women who do things like what Mr. Kutcher did when he publicly declared his interest in dating me even though he was married to someone else should be admired; nobody should do what he did.  What I’m saying is that abusing women and rewarding or at least not criticizing both men and women for abusing women have always been central tenets of the conglomerate’s behavior system.

Maybe there are people who also don’t know that Mr. Kutcher is a shareholder in Popchips.  On the next page, I’ll put an online article about that from June 28th, 2010; it’s the one that I found when I did a Yahoo search of the term “Popchips Ashton Kutcher.”


Copyright L. Kochman, August 18, 2012 @ 2:31 p.m.