August 19, 2012

I didn’t look at any conglomerate celebrity search results yesterday.

The way that they have treated me and the things that they are doing to the world, and the fact that I tried to be nice to them for a long time anyway makes it personally upsetting to me in a way that makes it difficult for me to be effective as a writer and in other ways when I do look at what they’re doing.  I think that the way that I expressed myself the day before yesterday proves that I need to keep as much distance from those people as I can.

Distance from them is difficult to establish and maintain, not only because of their involvement in things that I protest and the reminders of that involvement that are in the media, on TV, on the Internet and so on, but because I am still being stalked and abused in other ways, in person, about them.  The stalking is overtly dangerous, and the people on whose behalf it’s supposedly being done never do anything to discourage it, to the best of my knowledge.  The other abuse is abuse that they specifically started and/or participated in and encouraged.

I didn’t expect to have any time on the Internet today.  My Internet access is much more limited on Sundays.

I also think that it’s good to take time off every week, so that’s what I’ll do today.


Copyright L. Kochman, August 19, 2012 @ 4:07 p.m.