This is the street that goes directly from On The Rise to Massachusetts Avenue, which is a main road.  What stalking vehicles often do is drive up either from behind me or from a side street, and then drive past me.

The white van in the next picture has a number 5 on it.

The next 3 pictures are of the same parking lot.

Is there someone who would like to tell me what a better way would have been to show that all of the vans that were in that lot that are relevant to what’s been going on were there than taking one picture of the entire lot and then one picture of each side that had those vans?  There’s no code in what I write or do unless I say “I’m putting code here.”

The C.I.M. truck was there, along with the other Comcast trucks.

I haven’t looked at any celebrity search results today.  It seems to me that everything that has to do with the video issue is BAD.  It is WRONG.  Whether people are threatening me with it or threatening other people with it, it is a human rights abuse.  I’ve said before that I think that the conglomerate celebrities have been extremely insensitive about that fact; no matter what anybody is threatening anybody with, it is not likely that what has happened to me and what is doubtless happening to a lot of other people who aren’t rich or otherwise able to protect themselves is never going to happen to any of the people who have been instrumental in promoting everything on the conglomerate’s agenda.

Another Comcast truck that was parked on the way to the Women’s Center:


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