Some of these pictures are out of exactly chronological order, but it all happened at about the same time, and I explain what happened.


MOHAWK TRANSFER truck.  This is one of the things that was at Central Square when I got there on the bus  this morning.  Police paddywagon 240 was parked a few car lengths in front of it soon after I took these pictures.

The license plate for the MOHAWK TRANSFER truck:

Police paddywagon 240, parked behind an HVAC truck:

This is a picture of the cab of the MOHAWK TRANSFER truck that I was able to take while I was still on the bus and the bus was about to park in Central Square:

The MOHAWK TRANSFER truck was parked next to an entrance to or exit from the T that had been blocked off.  You can see that in the first picture.

Here’s what was happening at that entrance or exit:



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