August 23, 2012

A few days ago, I saw a Bank of America ad that featured Boloco Burritos.

Here are pictures that I took and sent to my e-mail on 08/13/12 and haven’t published anywhere before today:

I got around the corner and saw that Boloco Burritos had hired Fish Window Cleaners:

A ‘Cemetery Division’ truck was parked across the street.  It was probably a Parks and Recreation truck.


I went into the alley to send pictures. The Fish guy went into the store and cleaned the windows across from where I was.

I left the alley and there was a UPS truck parked on the street:

There was yellow rope tied to green stakes all along the front of the cemetery:

Most of what I’ve written here with these pictures have been the captions that I sent with them on the day that I took them.  I am often stalked by vehicles that I can’t take pictures of because I am already sending pictures about other situations to my e-mail.  When I don’t stop to send the pictures, I can take more pictures, but lately I’ve been trying to send them with captions when I take them.  Since I can never publish all of the pictures that I take anyway, it seems like it’s a good idea to make good documentation about the ones that I can take.  Then I can also find them in my e-mail a lot more quickly, because the captions show up in the title of the e-mail.  I had been getting stalked by Plymouth and Brockton buses for a while before that day.

Here’s most of the caption that I sent with the next picture when I took it:

They were mowing the lawn in the cemetery today.  The lawnmower says SCAG on it. I AM SERIOUSLY BEING STALKED BY PLYMOUTH AND BROCKTON BUSES TODAY!

When I saw that the lawnmower said “Scag” on it, I thought I remembered that the word means “slut.”  It does mean that.  I didn’t know that it also is a slang word for heroin.  I don’t think that I’m slutty and I’ve never even seen heroin.

Here’s the next thing that happened at then, with its caption:

This ‘Essential Elements for the Ideal Restroom’ drove up and parked right across the street from me a few minutes ago.

All of those things happened within a few minutes of each other on that day, on Boylston Street between two side streets.  I didn’t walk even one block of distance while they were happening.


Copyright L. Kochman, August 23, 2012 @ 5:21 p.m.