August 23, 2012

Here are pictures of ads that were sent to the screen while I’ve been logged into my e-mail account this afternoon.  A lot of ads were sent to the screen before them, all of them hostile or ads which I’ve already specifically asked whoever is sending them to stop sending me.  I happened to take pictures of these.  I can’t spend the afternoon taking pictures of the computer screen; I’m taking the time to publish these to demonstrate that the harassment is constant.

This one looks like a picture of a guy with a hairdryer in front of a lake.  It’s been showing up on my screen for weeks:

I got a camera during the summer of 2010 and started taking pictures of what was going on.  I put a lot of those pictures on the Friendster profile that I had at the time.

Then I was in the hospital from November of 2010 until almost the end of March, 2011.  When I got out of the hospital, Friendster was telling everyone who had a Friendster account that they had to move their pictures from their accounts.  Friendster gave two options for online picture galleries that had agreed to take a direct transfer of people’s pictures from Friendster.  I chose the one which seemed, at the time, to be somewhat less supportive of the conglomerate’s agenda.  Although in retrospect it was an unfortunate choice for me personally in regard to the name of the gallery, I would still have to make that choice again for the same reasons if I had to make the decision again.

The gallery that I chose was called Flickr.

The blog I created for the pictures is called:

2010 Friendster

People who want to see pictures of some of the ads that were getting sent to the screen when I was logged into Friendster in 2010, and other pictures that I took then, can look there.

Some of the pictures don’t have the dates of when I took the pictures, they only have the dates for when I uploaded them to Flickr.

The pictures of the car happened this way:

I had been going to the same place every morning for a few weeks, parking the car in the same garage.  It’s my mother’s car, because I was staying at my parents’ house at the time.  I’ve never had a car.

One morning, when I got back to the car, that was what it looked like.


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