August 23, 2012

Here’s a picture from yesterday which shows the U.S. Postal Service worker on foot and the U.S. Postal Service truck in traffic that showed up when I left On The Rise yesterday afternoon.  The house in the left-most corner of the picture is On The Rise; I had just left that building and crossed the street.

Here’s a picture from today which shows the U.S. Postal Service truck that stalked me today.  It was waiting on that street when I got there.  The Massachusetts State House is across the street; you can see that in the picture, too:

Here are pictures from 08/17/12:

This was the cart of another postal service worker.  Female.  I saw her go into the building: SHE CAN GET INTO APARTMENT BUILDINGS!  Like all of the postal service workers, she goes to where people live EVERY DAY except Sunday, and she can find out things about people by looking at their mail and by going to where they live as often as she does.

This was the building in front of which she had left her cart and where she had gone when I walked by on the sidewalk:


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