August 26, 2012

Vinfen is a vendor that provides services for people like those who are clients of the Department of Mental Health.  I was told by the person whom I was talking with for several weeks at the Homeless Outreach program at the Department of Mental Health that I had to sign up to work with Vinfen if I wanted to be considered for a transitional DMH shelter.  The shelter would have been a place to stay where I didn’t have to worry about having to secure the bed every night; I would have had my own room or shared one with someone else.  It seemed like I had a reason to think that I would be videotaped in the bathroom there, if not everywhere in the building; I’ve written about that before.  It seems as if that’s something that everyone, except the most privileged, who have plenty of money to make their lives more pleasant no matter what happens to them, has a reason to think could happen to him or her now.

One thing that I was told when I went to Vinfen and spoke with someone who has worked there for a while is that the employment specialist there can do job placement, such as putting me directly into a job.  I said that I was very interested in that.  I’ve spent all of the working hours of my life in customer service, which can be rewarding but where people tend to be treated badly at least by many of the customers if not always by the bosses.  I can only imagine what it’s going to be like to work in a store or in food service and have people show up to harass me, in addition to however I’ll be getting treated by the employer and other employees.  Even if I managed to get a job somewhere that doesn’t support the conglomerate and that doesn’t mistreat me, whoever hires me and everyone else who works there will be watched and probably harassed by the conglomerate and by conglomerate supporters.

Job placement through Vinfen could at least eliminate much of the job search process, which I’ve previously documented as being extremely difficult and one in which I’ve been publicly abused by at least one place just because I sent my resume there.  Maybe job placement through Vinfen could also help me find a situation that is the best that can be expected for all concerned, considering what’s going on.

When I talked later to the person with whom I’ll be working directly at Vinfen, she said that the employment specialist doesn’t do job placement, that she just helps people with their resumes.  She also said that she was new and that there were a lot of things about the job that she didn’t know.

She also told me that she will need a letter of verification of homelessness from the shelter where I’m staying, and that she might need one from every shelter where I’ve stayed before my application for another, better housing situation can be sent in.  None of that was said when I met with her and the other person who has been there longer, the same one who told me that the employment specialist can do direct job placement.

Copyright L. Kochman, August 26, 2012 @ 2:17 p.m.