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  1. Apple will unveil an “iPad mini” in October, after a September 12 coming-out party for the new iPhone, according to a report in AllThingsD. ATD’s John Paczkowski …… – Cached
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  2. While the tech world prepares for a rumored Sept. 12 Apple event, at which the company will reportedly debut the latest iPhone as well as a new iPad Mini…/2012_08_25_report_ipad_mini_to_get_its… – Cached

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  3. Apple’s next generation iPhone and its so-called “iPad mini” will debut at two separate events this fall, rather than a single one as has been widely …… – Cached

  4. From Yahoo! News: AllThingsD is confirming that Apple will unveil a seven-inch “iPad Mini” in October, following the September launch of the next-generation iPhone.… – Cached
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  5. [Aug 25, 2012] After refreshing its computer range, Apple’s gearing up for two events for its new phone and tablet hardware, according to sources at AllThingsD.…

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  6. Following a hint from The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple suggesting that Apple’s “iPad mini” will be introduced at a second media event……

  7. On Wednesday, Sept. 12, Apple is expected to debut the new iPhone, unofficially dubbed iPhone 5, as well as a brand-new tablet to its iPad line, the iPad Mini.…5-ipadmini-release-date.htm – Cached

  8. Apple on Monday became the most valuable U.S. company in history — sort of. The company’s market capitalization surpassed the previous record of …… – Cached
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  9. iPhone 5 In September, iPad Mini In October, Apple Television God Knows When: This Week In Apple Rumors… – Cached

  10. (CNET) Apple’s much-rumored iPad Mini will in fact be called the iPad Mini. At least, that’s the latest from Apple blog site Macotakara. Citing info from ……501465/…be-named-ipadmini-says-report – Cached


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