August 27, 2012


I didn’t get a picture of the license plate on the police car, but that’s what it was.

There tend to be other people at the track.  It’s a nice place to sit; I often go there on Sundays to read.  Nobody can stay at the shelter during the day, so people have to go somewhere.  If it were an isolated place, I probably wouldn’t have gone back to it after being stalked or harassed there.

I sent these pictures to my e-mail last night, with these captions:

The license plate on the back of this police car said 9785. The other numbers on it said 450.  Police officers aren’t supposed to like crime.

This car was parked in the parking lot at the track by the time that I got there.  Someone was still with the car.  License plate 439 XKX.


August 27, 2012

The person who was with the car that had the license plate 439 XKX was behind the car.


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