August 29, 2012

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed because I haven’t had a strategy for how to organize and publish the pictures that I’ve been taking.  I have the same problem with the pictures that I had with other forms of documentation of things that happen to and around me; since the stalking, harassment and other things happen every day, do I take the time that’s available to me online to document it or do I try to address the sources of those problems?

There are some things that are very upsetting to me personally, and that I think are meant by the people who do them to be upsetting to me.  There are times when I make documenting those things a priority over things that may seem to others to be more important.

I also think that I should try to document things that seem imminently threatening to me personally before I document other things.

That’s the explanation and outline of how I’ve tended to document things, and how I probably will continue to do so.

Today, I started sending pictures to my e-mail one after another, chronologically.  I did that for a couple of hours, and didn’t plan for all of the other things in the pictures that I took throughout the day that fall into the two categories of things that I’ve said I tend to document before other things.

Because I have to send each picture to my e-mail from my phone individually, and then take each picture that I might want to upload to WordPress from my e-mail and first download it to the computer, it takes a lot of time to publish pictures.   There are still a lot of pictures in my phone that I couldn’t send to my e-mail; I finally stopped sending them because I have to start looking at them and starting the process of uploading them.  I stopped sending them when there happened to be 148 pictures that I took today left in my phone; that’s just how it worked out.  It’s not something that I planned at all, and there isn’t any code in that number.  There are 10 pictures that are permanently part of the phone and that were in the phone when I got it, and then there’s one that I use as the background for my phone.  The picture number total says 159, but that’s not how many pictures I took today that are still in my phone.  I sent 87 pictures to my e-mail today; that’s also what the number worked out to be and there isn’t any code in it.  I won’t be able to publish all of those, either.

I’ve been wondering how to talk about the numbers of pictures in my phone, e-mail and so on; this is the best that I can do about that for now.  There’s always an exact number; talking around it doesn’t help, and I don’t want to feel that I have to make explanations about the numbers every day.  I’m doing so now because my publishing pictures this way is something that I’ve started doing recently; when I start something new, it seems as if it’s a good idea for me to explain how my code policies apply to it, once I’ve worked with the medium for a while and feel that I can try to articulate things about it.


Copyright L. Kochman, August 29, 2012 @ 3:44 p.m.