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  • Mitt Romney Hails Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11 in GOP Acceptance Speech
  • Mitt Romney Back On Campaign Trail After Republican National Convention
  • Mitt Romney Takes the Stage at the Republican National Convention
  • Gov. Rick Perry weighs in on RNC, Mitt Romney
  • Mitt Romney, Clint Eastwood: RNC 2012 Day 3 Highlights
  • Mitt Romney's RNC Speech: Best Moments
  • Mitt Romney's Shining Moment at RNC
  • Mitt Romney's RNC Speech a 'Velvet Glove'
  • Mitt Romney's 5-Step Plan for America

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  • Did Mitt Romney gain ground?

    CNN – 3 hours agoMitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, delivered his acceptance speech on the final night of the Republican National Convention in Tampa. The evening also featured speeches from Florida … more »

  • Mitt Romney Hails Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11 in GOP … via Yahoo! News – 1 minute agoMitt Romney formally accepted the Republican presidential nomination Thursday (Aug. 30) at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. In his speech, the White House hopeful spoke about how he … more »

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  1. “It Ain’t Right” Mitt Romney Digital | 08.26.12 In 2008, Candidate Obama attacked John McCain for proposing cuts to Medicare. As president, Barack Obama cut Medicare …


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  2. Get updates from Mitt’s campaign. … Paid for by Romney for President, Inc. – Cached

  3. Mitt Romney Accepts GOP Nomination In Speech, Says Country Must ‘Turn The Page’… – Cached

  4. Mitt Romney accepted the Republican nomination for president Thursday night in Tampa, Fla., and while most of the speech that followed focused on his ……

  5. In the most important speech of his political life, Mitt Romney touted his executive experience, his strong family, and a devotion to community born of ……/MittRomney-asks-America-Was-Obama… – Cached

  6. So, about Mitt Romney. The Republicans have been holding a convention to nominate him for president! I am telling you this on the off chance that you ……/collins-renovating-mittromney.html

  7. Governor Romney‘s work at Bain Capital was about fixing companies that were broken and giving new companies a shot at success.


  8. Mitt Romney doubled down on business as the key to reviving the U.S. economy. In his speech accepting the Repubican presidential nomination, Romney said it …… – Cached

  9. GOP convention speakers and their nominee Mitt Romney try to build the case for change in White House.…

  10. WASHINGTON — Highlights from Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech on Thursday to the Republican National Convention: ECONOMY and JOBS: Romney said he will …… – Cached


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