August 31, 2012

On August 21, 2012, this school bus van drove up and around the corner and past me after I had gotten to Central Square.  I took a picture of its license plate.  I published that picture on the blog page called:


08/21/12:  Pictures from this morning:  Here are pictures of a van with a School Bus sign that drove around the corner and past me right after I took the pictures that I’ve published on the previous page.


August 31, 2012

She did the same thing the next day; drove up and around that corner and then past me when I’d gotten to Central Square after taking the bus from Waltham to Cambridge.

Since the van says that it’s from Waltham, she probably followed the bus that I took from Waltham to Cambridge, both days.

Today, August 31, 2012, I got to Central Square and then went to another part of Cambridge for a while.  On my way back to Central Square, on a street that I’m not on very often and that is not a main road, the van drove past me.  I took a picture of it when it did that; my phone says that the picture was taken at 9:14 a.m.:

I kept walking on the same street, going the same way that I had been going.

The van then drove back by me, going the other way than it had been going when it drove by the first time.  I didn’t know that until I saw it stopped at an intersection that I was about to get to; I took the next picture of it at 9:16 a.m.:

I crossed the street to take more pictures of it:

When I got to the sidewalk that was outside the passenger side of the van, I raised my phone to take a picture of the driver.  I saw that she already had her phone up and was taking my picture.

She screamed at me “I’m going to report you to the police.”  Then she rolled up her window.

I took her picture again.

Then I crossed the street in front of the van and went to the other corner.

Since she had threatened to call the police, and I realized that she had been stalking me since I took the picture of her van the first time so that she could try to take my picture and report me to the police as if I were the one who had done something wrong and she weren’t a school bus driver who wants to molest children and who had stalked me to Central Square in Cambridge perhaps all the way from Waltham in order to try to threaten me on previous days, I called 911, which is the number that you call in the United States if you want to talk to the police right away.

When I started to make the phone call, she first took a right and parked at the corner of the next street.  Then she drove a few car lengths up that street and parked again.  Then she drove away.

I explained to the dispatcher that a woman driving a school bus had been stalking me, had taken my picture and screamed at me that she was going to report me to the police.  She said that she would send a police officer to talk to me.

The police car that showed up was #226.  The officer was a white man, probably in his 50’s.  I told him that I was sorry that I’d had to call him.  I told him what I had told the dispatcher.  I then said that I wouldn’t have called him if the woman hadn’t told me that she was going to call the police.  I said that I hadn’t wanted to be in a situation where she called the police and told them her side of the story without my having told the police my side of it, which is that she’s been stalking me.  I didn’t say that I think that I should be able to call the police about all of the stalking and much of the other abuse of me that happens; I didn’t think that would help me, since police cars that have the same motivations as the woman who was driving that school bus has stalk me every day.

The conversation had a pleasant tone to it, considering the surreally bad overall situation.  There have been other police officers who have attempted to bully me when I’ve called to ask for help with a stalker or harasser and he didn’t.

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