September 4, 2012

I have created an account on YouTube.  I called it “notnakedvideos.”  The address for it is:

I am trying to upload a video to it at this very moment.

I don’t know if the video will upload to YouTube in the time that I have left to work on it.  I’ll mention a few things here, in case I’m only able to upload that one video or can’t upload it.  If I can upload it, I’ll put the bulk of this essay with it on YouTube.

The video is of me being stalked by a red helicopter in Waltham yesterday afternoon.

I made another video a few minutes later, when the helicopter flew back over me from the direction where it had gone when it flew over me the first time.

Hours later, when I was on the way back to the shelter, either this helicopter or another red helicopter appeared from a distance and flew over me as police car, either #239 or #439, drove up to a side street, took a right at the corner and drove past me.  Then, a white woman appeared, out for a walk, and gave a loud cough when she saw me.  I said “Don’t do that again” as she walked by me.  She turned around and said “What?”  I said “You know what you did.”  She said, nastily, “What, I coughed.”  I said “Yeah—see, I didn’t even have to say it, because you know what you did.”

She coughed again.  That was when my more constructive confrontation skills began to fail me, as they sometimes do.  I said “That’s brilliant.”

She gave an even louder, more offensive cough.  I was saying “You are so brilliant that I can’t believe that the office doesn’t miss you on the weekend” when police car #440 drove up from a side street that was across the street from the other side street that the other police car had just driven past me from.  It was right in front of me, and then it drove past me.

The battery was out on my camera, and my phone’s picture memory has been full for a few days, so I didn’t get pictures of the later incidents.

The conglomerate encourages people not only to be bullies but also to be malicious liars.

I have been getting stalked more and more by police in Waltham.


Copyright L. Kochman, September 4, 2012 @ 6:22 p.m.