September 8, 2012

A woman went to the computer behind mine and started fake sneezing.  I told her not to and she kept doing it.  Then she tried to tell me that she didn’t know what I was talking about.  I told her not to try to lie to me.  Then she tried to say that she had allergies, and again I told her not to lie to me.  The volunteer who’s here today walked out into the room and defended the woman who was harassing me, going along with the lies and lying to me herself.  I told the volunteer that she was also lying and said “I can write about this place again if you want me to; I can do that right now.  Would you like to give your name?”  She wouldn’t give me her name.  She also tried to tell me that if the sneezing bothered me, maybe I could go and use a computer in the basement.  I told her that I wasn’t going anywhere and that since the other woman had been harassing me she was the one who should go somewhere else.

Thankfully, another woman who’s using the computers today offered to let either me or the woman who had been sneezing switch computers with her.  I was very grateful for that, because the volunteer wasn’t appropriately dealing with the situation and I’m sure that it only would have gotten worse otherwise.

I said that I thought that the woman who had been harassing me should move, and she agreed to go.  The volunteer went back around the corner of the open doorway to the next room.  While the woman who had been harassing me was getting her things together to go to the other computer, she told me “You have issues.”  I told her not to talk to me that way and she repeated it; she tried to start another argument with me and the volunteer walked back out into the room, saying “If you can’t get along then don’t talk to each other.”  I said “She’s the one who’s insulting me; she said ‘You have issues.’”  Then the woman who had told me that I have issues lied and said that she didn’t say it.

She has now gone to the other computer and peace has been restored for the time being.

The entire thing was initiated and perpetuated by the other people who antagonizing me and supporting that antagonism.  At one point, before the computer switch had been offered, the volunteer had said to the other woman “If she says anything to you about your sneezing, tell me.”  I objected to that and then the volunteer started to tell me that I needed to calm down and if I couldn’t calm down I should take a walk…

Abuse and lies and more abuse.  That’s all it was, and I didn’t start or cause any of it.


Copyright L. Kochman, September 8, 2012 @ 1:52 p.m.