September 10, 2012

There was nothing that I did during my most recent misunderstanding that violated my music policies.  Neither has there been anything that I’ve done after it that violated my music policies.

The situation was one that hadn’t happened before.  Everything about how it started was something that has not happened before.

I felt that I should take some responsibility for it for the following reasons:

–I had specifically said who the person was when I was overheard by eavesdroppers.  Although I shouldn’t have been overheard, I gave some encouragement to his interest in the following weeks when I saw from the media and other places that there was some interest from him.  There were also a few ads that were sent to my e-mail when I was logged in that made me think that he might have sent them, although I can’t know that for sure and had not intended to encourage him to do that if he was the one who sent them.  I will say in my own defense that the encouragement that I gave was specific and articulated, which is how I’ve said that I will imply interest, did not involve names, and reiterated that I was not going to get involved with someone who was part of the conglomerate.  If he wanted to get to know me, he would have to be the one to pursue it and I was absolutely not going to get involved with anyone who was part of the conglomerate or who supported it; I never deviated from that at all.

–The fact that I thought that he was older than he is made me overestimate what he was going to choose to do.

–I did not try to find out anything about him; I did not do any searches of his name or try to find out specifically what was going on until I saw that he was turning into a serious conglomerate supporter and that I had to stop whatever was going on with him that involved me.

— Because I didn’t find out anything about him, I let myself assume that he was older than he is, I did not find out that he already had a girlfriend, and I did not find out for myself until I couldn’t ignore it that he was supporting the conglomerate.  Since he turned out to be 18, I then took more responsibility for the situation than I might otherwise have done.

All of the above being said, I don’t feel obligated to create a policy for things that people who are listening outside of the windows of buildings that I’m in say to other people about me.

Copyright L. Kochman, September 10, 2012 @ 3:32 p.m.