September 11, 2012

This morning, when I walked to the shelter office, I had to walk by the police station.  There were a lot of City of Waltham Public Works Department trucks in front of it.

Sarcasm Alert:

I’m sure that I’m going to take pictures of the police department the day after police car #434 was waiting for me in a parking lot, waiting for me so that I would take the picture and he could then harass me about it.

I’m so sure that I was also going to take pictures of the other police cars that drove past me before I left Waltham, today, #451, #435, #450.

End of Sarcasm Alert

That street also has the Clark Government Center, that had a fake road project in front of it when I left Labor Ready the other day, and of which I took video and put it on YouTube, documenting that exactly what I had said was going to happen had happened, that the second that I had gone to try to get work somewhere, when I left there was a fake project on the street where I’d gone to find work.

They’re still doing that fake project; they left the Caution barrels and so on out on each corner of the road there.  I took pictures of that, although I didn’t take pictures of them when they were setting up the machines and putting the police officers out there to guard it, and laughing, when I left the shelter office this morning.

I have the pictures of police car #434, too, from yesterday.

Unfortunately, I’ve tried two computers after the first one that I was at today, which I can’t use again, and I can’t get the pictures from my camera today.

One of the buses to show up in Waltham this morning had the XFINITY Dexter ad on one side of it.  I got a picture of that.

Another had the “2nd Street Creamery” ad.  I didn’t get a picture of that.

There were various road projects on the bus route.  One of them had a vehicle with the lift that said “KILEY” in red; I didn’t get a picture of it, but it was there.

I’ve been trying to save my camera’s memory for pictures of people who have individually harassed me, and that’s been working.  I have a step by step plan for which problems I’m going to address, and when.  I wasn’t prepared to take the picture of the lift with “KILEY” on it; that’s one I would not have waited to see on another day before taking a picture of it.

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September 12, 2012

Here are some pictures.

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