September 15, 2012

In 2010, when I was still publishing pictures on a Friendster profile, I took some pictures in the middle of that September of a blog page that had been posted by the White House that showed up on a search of the name “Michelle Obama.”

On that page, in addition to there being a red letter “A” that looked as if it were bleeding, there was a picture of French first lady Carla Bruni next to an ad for a General Electric “EcoImagination Challenge” that said “SUBMIT NOW.”  The words “SUBMIT NOW” in the ad were to tell people to send their ideas for the “EcoImagination Challenge” to GE, but I questioned whether the placement of the ad next to the picture of Ms. Bruni had something to do with the fact that Ms. Bruni had publicly tried to make some defense for Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, an Iranian woman who had been sentenced to being stoned to death.

Although I didn’t think that what Ms. Bruni had been reported to have said in defense of Ms. Ashtiani was something that I thought would be particularly helpful for Ms. Ashtiani, I also didn’t think that the White House should have been posting blog pages threatening the wives of national leaders that way or for that reason.

I did think of the pictures of that blog post when I saw the word “Submit” on the ad promoting child molestation at Hannaford’s today.

In 2011, Friendster made everyone who had a Friendster profile with pictures move all of their pictures away from Friendster.  Friendster provided the names of two photo gallery websites that had agreed to take pictures from the Friendster profiles.  I chose the one that seemed to be showing less support for the conglomerate at that time, which I would have to do again if the same situation recurred, no matter what the name of the website was.

The name of the website happened to be “Flickr.”

My profile there is called “2010 Friendster.”

The date that’s given on many of the pictures is not the date on which the pictures were taken, it’s the date on which the pictures were uploaded to that profile.  Some of the pictures on that profile have captions that I put on them when I first published them on Friendster, including dates.

A few weeks ago, on my WordPress blog page:

08/23/12:  Pictures from 08/23/12, Part 5:  Pictures of some ads that were sent to the screen when I was logged into my e-mail account today, directions for how to get to the blog that shows pictures that I took in 2010.


I mentioned the Flickr profile on WordPress.  That’s another reason why I thought that perhaps Hannafords had put the word “Submit” on its ad promoting child molestation.

If you go to the Flickr website and type “2010 Friendster” in the search box, without the quotation marks, and then click “People” on the screen that it goes to from there, it will then show the name of my profile there.  Click on that.

The pictures of the blog post that the White House put on a search of the name Michelle Obama in September of 2010 are on pages 6 to 8.


Copyright L. Kochman, September 15, 2012 @ 2:04 p.m.