September 15, 2012

At least on the computer that I used at the Waltham Public Library today, it looked as if the icon that says “Roxio Creator Home” was put on the screen above the “VLC media player” icon AFTER I published the page on September 6, 2012 called:

09/06/12:  Pictures from yesterday, 09/05/12:  “VLC media player” Caution cone symbol that seems to be on every screen of every public computer at the Waltham Public Library

I only used one computer at the Waltham Public Library today; when I was about to log into another one, the police were about to get to the library and I decided that they didn’t need to talk to me, so I don’t know if the “Roxio Creator Home” icon is on all of the computer screens there.  My guess would be “Yes.”

The “VLC” caution cone also showed up on every picture on my camera that was a video, when I’d hooked my camera up to the computer and the screen was showing which of the pictures were videos.

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