September 15, 2012

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06/20/12:  Numbers on police cars and police car license plates

I wrote a scene in which I imagined what might be going on at police stations and in police garages.

I’ve explained before that the prizes that I’ve been awarding since I started writing about the conglomerate are almost never about recognizing positive behavior but are prizes that I give out at times when something that happens hasn’t happened before and is especially noteworthy in some way.  Some of the prizes that I’ve given out are not meant to be humorous at all, and even the ones that are in the category of “Made Me Laugh In Spite Of Myself” are not about recognizing positive behavior.

This one is of a new category that I’ve created for this incident from today, which isn’t funny for me personally, and isn’t funny in regard to the human rights problem that the video issue is.  However, I refuse to call this page “Whoever parked that car at the Waltham Police Department seems to both like at least some of what I write AND wants to see naked video of me despite all of my protests about that,” so I’m awarding the prize which I’ve named in the title instead.


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