September 15, 2012

I’m going to write about the pictures from this morning on this page; I don’t want to risk anything else happening to the pictures.

–I’ve been stalked by a “LEBRUN Landscape & Design” truck several times since I’ve stayed in Waltham.  (I got into the shelter in Waltham again yesterday, and was there last night.).   This morning, there were two of them, including one that was #93.  That was the second one that drove past me; I didn’t see the number on the first one, but I was paying attention after it drove past me.  They both did what a truck or trucks from that business have done before, which is to drive past me after I leave the shelter and am walking to Main Street, and then to park in the parking lot of that Gulf station, which is on the corner of Main Street and the street that the shelter is on.

–The bus stop is up the street from there.  While I was waiting at the bus stop, a man walked up to the bus stop, stopped several feet away from me, and rubbed his nose.  I said “Don’t ever do that again!”  He walked up to me and started to try to lie to me, saying “Do what?”  I said “You know what you did.”  He said, “What, this?”  and rubbed his nose again.  I said “Yeah, that.  Don’t do it again.”  He started to lie some more, and I said “Don’t even lie to me!  Leave me alone!”   I started to take out my camera and he walked away, with him yelling at me and me yelling at him to leave me alone.

He left the bus stop for a few minutes.  Then he walked back and stood a few feet away from me, where he started coughing.

I took out my camera and aimed it at him.  He said “Don’t take my picture,” and started toward me, which is what shows in the picture.

Then he said “I’m going to call the police.”

He called the police and told them that I had been aggressive toward him and had already driven other people away from the bus stop.  I hadn’t even spoken to anyone else at the bus stop before I spoke to him, and all I had done toward him was tell him not to harass me, and when he hadn’t stop harassing me I had taken his picture.  He said into the phone to the police, “She took my picture!”  and “She’s crazy!”

When I realized that police officers were going to be showing up soon, I called 911.  I said “This should not be an emergency, but this guy is here and won’t leave me alone, and now he’s calling the police saying that I’m the one who was harassing him.”

Two police cars showed up, with lights flashing.  The first one was #441, driven by a white, male police officer who was probably in his 50’s.  The second one was #440, driven by a white, female police officer who was probably in her 40’s.  They both went over to talk to the man.

I said to the female dispatcher, “They’re both going over to talk to him; they’re here to help him, not me.”  The female dispatcher said “What did he do to you?”  I said “He rubbed his nose at me, and I told him not to, and he wouldn’t leave me alone.”  Soon after I said that, the female police officer rubbed her nose.  I said to the dispatcher, “The female police officer just rubbed her nose, so I doubt that this is going to go the right way for me.”  The dispatcher said “I don’t know what gesture you mean.  It’s getting colder out, and sometimes when I go outside my nose runs.”

I said “I have to go.”

The police officers walked over to me, and the male police officer asked me if I had identification.  I said “Do you want to see the picture that I took of him?”  He raised his voice slightly and said “Right now I’m just asking for your identification.”

I gave him my ID and told him what had happened.  I also said “He was sexual harassing me; what he was doing was sexual harassment.”  The male police officer said “Explain to me what the gestures that you’re talking about mean.”  I said “They mean ‘Your vagina smells.’”

I went on to say “After he walked away the first time, he walked back and he decided to stand a few feet away from me.  He was closer to me than to anyone else at the bus stop; if you don’t like someone and you think that the person is crazy, why not just leave the person alone?  Why try to be near the person?  He walked right over and started coughing, after I’d already told him to leave me alone.”

The male police officer asked me where I was trying to go, and I told him that I was trying to go to Cambridge.  I told him that if the guy wanted to take the next bus, I would take the one after that.

The police officer looked sorry and then he said “OK.”

I decided to go to Hannafords.  The bus stop is next to one wall of the Hannafords building, so I walked around the corner to the entrance.

That’s where I took the next pictures in the photo gallery.