September 17, 2012

I don’t feel bad about the way that I look; I understand and accept the reality of it, especially considering the fact that I’m broke and have been broke for a long time.  Also, for 38, I could look worse.

I had several more years during my life of being so beautiful that people mentioned it all the time than a lot of people ever get.  Unless you die young, you have to get old.

I liked the way that I looked when I was an adult before I started aging more than I like the way that I look now; however, that’s life.

I have moments of being sad when I think about what I used to look like, and when I think, too, of how I’m going to keep getting older and that my youthful beauty will continue to fade.  However, I also have moments of finding the process funny.  To look in the mirror and see signs of aging on what used to be a face and body that were damn’ near perfect is funny, from a certain perspective, and what I’m thinking in those moments is “I’m getting OLD!  Hahahahahahahahaha!”  I refuse to count the “Ha’s” in that sentence.  I put a bunch of “Ha’s” there, and that’s supposed to designate laughter, and that’s all it means.

There’s nothing wrong with getting older; it’s not something to feel guilty or otherwise bad about, and it’s immature and petty to harass people about getting older, since it’s something that happens to everyone.  There’s also nothing wrong with being young, and with being young with other people who are young.

You’re only young once, and the stage of getting older and then being old lasts for many more years than the stage of being young does.  Once youth is gone, it’s gone.

Copyright L. Kochman, September 17, 2012 @ 1:50 p.m.