September 17, 2012

Yesterday, I was told that both of the employment specialists have all of the clients that they can work with right now, and that I can be on the waiting list for their help if I want.

I was also told that the housing specialist wanted to meet with me, and I made an appointment to see her today.  She was wearing a red shirt.  When we went into the conference room/office where we were to meet, she looked right at me and conspicuously rubbed her nose while she was sitting down.

I would classify it as a sudden onset of something that seemed like a nose fetish, actually.  She used a large percentage of her hand and smushed it into her nose, then moved her fist up over her nose and used it to rotate the nose-flesh almost in a circle.

I said “Please don’t do that.”

Then it was time for Stage 2 of the sexual harassment and gender discrimination, called “The Lie That Nothing’s Going On.”  She said “Do what?”

I said “Rub your nose when you’re around me.  I don’t like it when people do that.”

She said “Oh, I’m sorry.”

Of course she wasn’t sorry.  That was another lie she told.

It was obvious that she hadn’t just had an itchy nose that she needed to scratch.  I try to be discerning about this type of situation; there was no question about what she was doing.  She couldn’t have been more blatant about it.  I practically rescued her from rubbing her nose off her face.

This is a woman who ASKED TO MEET WITH ME.  I made the appointment with her for today because I was told yesterday that she WANTED TO TALK TO ME.  Then I showed up.  I was on time.  I was polite.  I was even friendly.  I wasn’t even sullen after she sexually harassed me and discriminated against me, and then lied to me about it when I confronted her.  I got through the meeting, answered her questions, and that was that.

She is also someone who is going to responsible for helping me find housing.  How’s that going to go?  What are the chances that she’s going to exert herself to help me find a nice, safe place to live and in a timely way?

Copyright L. Kochman, September 17, 2012 @ 11:36 a.m.