September 24, 2012

I walked in the front door and saw that the first book on the table of books on display after the front door said “Rebuild The Dream.”

I caused no disturbance of any kind.  Neither did I say anything at all, or take a picture, when the librarian at the front desk ran her finger under her nose when I was signing out a laptop computer to use for a couple of hours.

When I went toward the elevator, I saw that a room to my left had a sign on it that said “Study Room” and also said that people can reserve the room.  I asked the next librarian whom I saw if I could go into that room; she said “Yes,” and gave me the key.

Within a half-hour, the library director walked into the room with two police officers.  She said “You’re being given a Notice of Trespass; if you are ever here again you’ll be arrested.  We can’t have you yelling here.”

One of the police officers said to me “Lena, what’s your date of birth?”

I said “I’m leaving” and started to shut off the computer.

He said “What’s your date of birth?”

I said “I haven’t committed a crime, and I’m leaving.”  I did not raise my voice or get agitated when I said that.

He said “Calm down.”

I said “I’m not uncalm.  I am leaving.”

I told the library director “Where is the paperwork that I filled out to get my library card?  Can you give it back to me or promise that you will destroy it?  It has my address and phone number on it, and I don’t want you to have those.”

She said “You can still use your library card in other towns, just not at this library.  We can’t have you yelling here.”

I said “You should have done something to stop my being harassed here.  You also didn’t have to call the police officers to get me to leave; you could have told me yourself, first, that you were issuing me the notice.  It is disgusting, what you have done.”

While I walked away, I said “You are unbelievably disgusting.”

Because of the way that the police officer had talked to me right away, treating me as if I were out of control when I hadn’t even raised my voice, it seems to me that the plan is probably to try to make it seem like I’m crazy and maybe to try to get me sent to a mental hospital.  It wouldn’t be because I’ve asked to be in a mental hospital, which I haven’t done lately, and where I would only ask to be because the conglomerate’s persecution of me is driving me to despair, and it wouldn’t be for the purpose of making my life better, but to try to control and intimidate me, and to do the same to other people who also object to the conglomerate’s agenda.

I would not be surprised if that were the plan that the people in Waltham who want child molestation and the abuse of women to be legalized have in mind.

I am sure that the fact that I was made to leave the library today will get back to the shelter, and could jeopardize my ability to stay there. I am still being abused there, too, and still being made to take it without  a word of objection.

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