September 25, 2012

There’s code in this; the code word is “blunder.”


I realize that it is the desperate hope of most men your age to be debauched, and that you consider life, limb and health, trifles that only the weak and cowardly worry about risking in the pursuit of said debauchery.  I’m sure that you and probably some of your friends consider me annoying for trying to crash the party to which I inadvertently and then irresponsibly got you invited so that I can ask you to think about what you’re doing there.

I’m upset that you ditched your girlfriend and now seem determined to spend your free time with people who are dissolute and cruel.  I know that the girlfriend whom you had has been doing some things that I don’t like; perhaps she’ll stop.  I know that she, like a lot of people, is only doing those things because people who are older than she is and who not only ought to know better but who I think do know better and who don’t care that they’re doing something wrong are doing those things.  At least she was, and still is, someone who knows discipline, has chosen to get an education, and shares what you claim is your most serious interest.

I would guess that she will be there for you when the ones who have already spent much of their time being vixens won’t.  She will care about you while they’re distracted over their drug problems, who’s making more money and who has the most important boyfriend.  She will understand the serious demands that you have on your time and attention, because she has the same demands on her time and attention.

In a few years, she will look much the same as she does now, except more confident and grown-up, while a high percentage of the bevy of beauties that I’m sure has been flocking to you will have prematurely aged because they will have spent most of their time on things that are bad, stupid, worthless or all three, their voices getting ever more shrill as their younger counterparts get to the party and start checking out everybody in the room, including you, to see what they can get out of it.

I think that perhaps the conglomerate is obsessed with vacuums because it is one.


Copyright L. Kochman, September 25, 2012 @ 3:20 p.m.