September 30, 2012

I was worried about that car’s behavior for weeks when I was first at the Waltham shelter, and documented it on this blog, “whilehomeless.”  I finally asked a staffperson, in fact the same staffperson who is mentioned on the blog page previous to this one, if she knew anything about the car.  She said “Yes, the person who drives that car is one of the people who shares the lot with the shelter.”

The car was also there this morning; however, it isn’t there every morning.  I have looked for it and not seen it, several times.

It still has the Brandeis sticker on the back windshield.  I thought that maybe one stalker and a couple of stalking Brandeis vans subsequent to my discussion of that stalker on the Internet did not a school make, considering how powerful the conglomerate is and everything that’s been happening.  I think, though, that perhaps it does say something about that school, and what it says is bad.

Whether or not the person has permission to park his car in that lot, and that permission previous to when I got to the shelter, I still think that his behavior is suspicious.  As I documented on this blog weeks ago, the first time I saw the car, I walked out into the parking lot in the morning and suddenly the car backed up in front of me so that I could see its license plate.  There was nobody else around me, and I hadn’t even heard the car running before I it backed up in front of me when I was about to get to the driveway.  Then it drove away.

The other night was not the first night that the man driving that car had driven into the lot as soon as I got to the shelter; it has to be that he is watching me, for him to be able to get there a few seconds after I do.

Let’s say that he had prior permission to park in that lot.  What his behavior says to me is that the conglomerate’s behavior is doing what I said it would do, which is to encourage people to think of sexual harassment, stalking and everything else that the conglomerate does as normal behaviors.  I now seem to be part of this man’s routine; stalking me with his car that has the license plate that shows that he wants to see the illegally made video of me, video made without my consent, video which I have protested, video which has made me suicidal and made me HATE, HATE the people who have done this to me and to all of the other people whom the conglomerate has harmed, video which has led to more videos, which has led to my doing almost everything in the bathroom in the dark, to my taking showers in clothing, video which has DESTROYED MY LIFE,  has


stalking me about it is part of his routine.

I have no reason to believe that the man who drives that car isn’t planning to stalk me beyond the shelter; maybe he’s already been doing that.  I have no reason to believe that he isn’t planning to abduct me.  I have no reason to believe that he’s not planning to rape and kill me.  The conglomerate has been telling him and other people to do those things.


Copyright L. Kochman, September 30, 2012 @ 3:03 p.m.