October 2, 2012

I have trouble understanding President Obama’s behavior.  I’ve listed his promotion of human rights abuses week after week.  I’m sure that a lot of people vehemently disagree with the conglomerate’s agenda, and yet he continues to promote that agenda and to personally persecute me.  It doesn’t seem to me that morality even at the most rudimentary level is something that is important to him.

Then there’s the question of him continuing to seem to be offering Zac Efron the Presidency; when are the people who seem to be thinking about making that happen planning to do that?  After what they hope is going to be President Obama’s 2nd term?

They’re trying to say that nobody’s more qualified than Zac Efron to be President?  Not a senator, or someone with a law degree.  Not even someone who’s been admitted to law school and who hasn’t started yet.  Not even someone who’s worked in actual government at the level of being a clerk for a government agency for as much as a year, or a few months.  Not someone who has finished college or even gone to college.  Not someone who’s even had the sort of job that most people in the United States have had to work during at least some part of their lives.

I’ve spent the last several minutes trying to think of a way to talk about Mr. Efron’s age and how that should be an immediate disqualification; however, there are so many people who are older than he is who have participated in the horrible things that have happened and that are still happening that I don’t know how to address that question except to say “Nobody who has ever understood what it means to be President could want someone Mr. Efron’s age to be President unless that person were out of his or her mind.”

Mr. Efron would be, at best, the conglomerate’s puppet, and, at worst, an even worse tyrant than President Obama has been, since Mr. Efron isn’t old enough to have the life experience that has, at times, caused even this President to reconsider some of what he himself has promoted.  No good at all for the country or the world could occur from Mr. Efron being propped up as the next Democratic Presidential candidate; the greed and absolute callousness toward the world that is evidenced by that idea is shocking, even for someone who has been observing the conglomerate’s behavior since its beginning.

What could be motivating the people who have that idea except to keep Mr. Efron and other celebrities promoting the conglomerate’s agenda and to send the message to the world that “You don’t have to be anything other than a human rights abuser to have the chance to be President”?


Copyright L. Kochman, October 2, 2012 @ 5:12 p.m.