October 4, 2012

When I saw Caroline Kennedy’s speech at the Democratic Convention on TV, I thought that I should probably pay some attention to Taylor Swift’s affiliation with the Kennedys. 

Here’s a line from Ms. Kennedy’s speech that I thought was particularly spurious:

“The President has been a champion for women’s rights.”

She said that, without any outward sign of embarrassment, right after she said “Women and children have the most on the line.”

She went on to say “The first bill that he signed was to make sure women can fight for equal pay for equal work.”

That sounds like it was a good start.  However, it happened a long time ago, he’s done everything he can to destroy women’s status in society since then, and, if you listen to the sentence, what she said is that the bill was to “make sure women can fight for equal pay for equal work,” not “to make sure that women get equal pay for equal work,” or even “to make sure that women can get equal work,” or even “to make sure that women can get work.”

She said that the President’s “commitment to women is about…our (women’s) ability to make our own decisions about ourselves, our families, and our future.”

Here’s my interpretation of what she said:  “Women are separate from men and not yet equal, and that’s ok with the President.  It’s ok with me, too, since, because of my parents, I was born privileged, wealthy, and adored by a lot of people who have never met me, and have always been able to get mostly whatever I want because of that, no matter what the rest of society is going through.  Men can advance in the world and women can’t.  There’s some official recognition of the fact that men shouldn’t be pushing women around all the time, but that’s in name only.  Women can try to be treated as equals; they don’t have the right to be treated as equals, but they can fight for it for as long as they want, because it’s a free country and if they want to yap forever about what they’re never going to get, they can, especially because the yapping is never going to get them rights and social equality.”

She said “President Obama has shown the same commitment when it comes to our children.”

If what she was trying to say is that President Obama has shown the same contempt for the health, safety, and future of children that he has shown for the health, safety and future of women, that was a true statement.

Here’s an excerpt I found online about Ms. Kennedy:


Kennedy serves as a member of the national board of directors for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the vice-chair for the Fund for Public Schools in New York City, and chief executive for the New York City Department of Education Office of Strategic Partnerships.


October 4, 2012

I realize that Ms. Kennedy has suffered much personal tragedy.  I realize, also, that, until now, many of her decisions about what to do with her wealth, privilege, and the special place that she has had in the mind of the world and especially in the mind of people in the United States could have been worse.  However, having bad things happen to you and trying not to rely entirely on your connections do not, of themselves, add up to a person who is in touch with reality and who is going to make good decisions that affect the lives of people with whom she has nothing in common.  Here are some questions:

–The NAACP?  Because she has a lot of experience being something other than white and rich, and with what it’s like not to be those things?  That’s why she’s able to be in a decision-making role for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund?

–The Fund for Public Schools in New York City?  Because she and her children all had to go to public schools and all knew a lot of other people who went to public schools?

–She’s chief executive for the New York City Department of Education Office of Strategic Partnerships?  I’ll say she Is, and children all over the world, and for the rest of however long humanity lasts, are in danger because of it. 

I’ll put my copyright notice for this page and then the Yahoo search result that I found that went to the article from which I got that excerpt.  I’ll put the entire article on the next page; from it, the extent to which she has nothing at all in common with most people on the planet is glaringly apparent.

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