October 8, 2012

I’ve written about this before.

The conglomerate insists that everyone disrespect women.  As a result, men who aren’t or who don’t want to be misogynists get overtly abused, men who are influenced by the conglomerate find that they hate themselves if they can’t help liking women, and women can’t feel that they have anything to offer that’s of value or that they can accept having other people like them without thinking less of those people for it.

It was to be expected that relationships everywhere would suffer:

(While I was writing the notes for this essay this morning at the bus stop, the RANDY truck that has been parked many times over the past several weeks in that same parking lot up the street from the shelter drove by me.  That was not the only stalking vehicle that showed up at the bus stop this morning.).

personal relationships, work relationships, familial relationships, friendships, everything in an academic setting.  The list goes on.


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