October 10, 2012

Last night, when I was in line to get on the bus in Cambridge, a couple with two children was also in line.  The woman was pushing a stroller that either had a toddler or a nonwalking, older baby in it.  I saw that the back of the seat of the stroller had a picture of a lion on it.  The other child with the couple was a little boy in a green shirt that said “The Amazing Spiderman” on it.

They got on the bus and sat in the first seats, at the front.  I stood, facing everyone on the bus.

I hadn’t wanted to jump to conclusions about the stroller and the shirt, so I waited to see what would happen.

The man held the little boy on his lap.  The following things happened:

–Both he and the woman rubbed their noses; the woman did that several times before the bus got to Waltham.

–He put his thumb into the little boy’s hands and moved his hand quickly up and down in front of the boy, in a motion that was suggestive of masturbation.

–He held the little boy in front of him and pushed him out and brought him back in, with the boy’s back bent over, in a motion that was suggestive of anal sex.

–He put the little boy on his lap so that the boy was on his back.  Then he put his hand between the boy’s legs and seemed to tickle him, either on the boy’s crotch or so close to it on the inside of his thigh that nobody watching could say for sure where the hand was.  The boy was much too young to know that the other things that had already happened were other than play, but he objected to the tickling; he said “No” and moved around to stop the man.  The man then pretended to beat him up a little bit for a few minutes; putting his hand over the little boy’s face for a few seconds and changing the tone of what he, the man, seemed to consider play so that it was more obviously menacing.

The conglomerate made it happen; I know that there is nothing that I saw of that couple’s behavior last night that would have happened if it weren’t for the conglomerate.


Copyright L. Kochman, October 10, 2012 @ 1:48 p.m.