October 12, 2012

Getting a respected person or group to support things that are bad doesn’t mean that those bad things are good; it means that the person or group that’s supporting those things either always was bad and a lot of people didn’t realize it, or that the person or group has turned bad.

Most of the powerful people in the world are still men.  That’s true for everything.  A partial list of what I mean by “everything” includes governments, schools, corporations, nonprofits, and supposedly altruistic organizations.  At no time in history has there been a worldwide investment in equality and human rights.

What makes prejudice and dehumanization insidious evils is that, being at the crux of emotion and power, they can coexist with better qualities and higher thinking and therefore not so much escape detection as fool or coerce people into thinking or behaving as if what’s bad and harmful is just and noble.

There have been a lot of things throughout human history that were absolutely evil and that were treated by the people in power as if they were not only acceptable things but were moral imperatives.  Human beings make the laws; if the human beings are bad, the laws will be bad.

Copyright L. Kochman, October 12, 2012 @ 2:59 p.m.